Smokin' Hot BBQ

Milan, TN


Quotes Great food and service! Quotes
Robert Ward
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Quotes I stop here every chance I get. The food is always good, and so is the service. Quotes
Ben Hardin
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Quotes Good food, great prices! Quotes
Eric Schoenthaler
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Quotes Great wings, small town atmosphere Quotes
Keith Baumgardner
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Quotes Awesome bbq!! Quotes
Misty House
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Quotes Best burger in town! Quotes
Tony Y
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Quotes Smokin Hot has the best barbeque that I have ever eaten. The brisket is wonderful. Quotes
Judie Swaim

Quotes We moved from McKenzie to New Mexico and we are very very sad that we cannot find BBQ as good as Smokin' Hot!! Miss y'all a lot!! Quotes
Sad customer

Quotes Having just recently moving to Milan we had heard about Smokin Hot BBQ and I had drove by and seen the lines waiting to get to the window. So it had me a little curious. Me and my husband stopped by and got the BBQ nachos and he got a BBQ plate and the smell from driving by did not disappoint. It was so Awesomely GREAT and we plan on returning. So if you are ever in Milan and u start craving BBQ Smokin Hot BBQ is the place to go!!!! Quotes
Tanya Smith
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes As a Yankee originally I didn't get all the fuss about barbecue. Now I get it There is BBQ and then there is Bar-B-Cue This is the best and Ive tried the rest. I am specially fond of the Brisket. Don't look for it on the menu ask for it at the window Quotes
Rick Manning